CrossFit Bexley has partnered with the doctors at Columbus Spine and Sport Center to provide our athletes with on-site treatment of current injuries, injury prevention, and sports performance.

Both doctors are Chiropractic Physicians with their Masters Degrees in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, as well as full body certified in Active Release Technique. 

Dr. Kyle Schneider is a member at CrossFit Bexley and Dr. Anna Vogel is a CFL-1 coach at CrossFit Clintonville who frequently drops in at CFB.  If you see them at the gym feel free to introduce yourself and ask them any questions you may have.


Dr. Kyle Schneider, D.C., M.S.

Availability: Wednesday afternoon by appointment


Dr. Anna Vogel, D.C., M.S.

Availability: Thursday morning by appointment

For more information about their practice, treatment style or to set up and appointment, please visit their website below: