Member Spotlight: Monica (Mo) & Steve Summers

Our journey to CrossFit was slow and never a sure thing, but with much effort on our son Kevin’s part, we are now happy members of the CrossFit Bexley community.  When Kevin first started CrossFit in Dublin his senior year of high school, we were a bit confused by his stories filled with strange vocabulary like WODs taking place in a box, PRs of clean and jerks and hand-stand push ups (why would anyone do this?), and burpees that had nothing to do with culinary overindulgence.  

IMG_5898 (1).JPG

He loved his workouts, and he always tried to convince us to join him both for our health and because he thought we would love it, too. Mo’s response was always, “I’m not driving 30 minutes each way to work out. Maybe someday if a gym opens at the end of our street, I’ll think about it.” 

A few years later, following diagnoses of ovarian cancer and low bone density, Mo knew it was time to get serious about physical activity to improve her long-term health outlook. She spent a few months at another gym before seeing the CrossFit Bexley sign on Cassady Ave in December of last year. When Kevin returned home from college for winter break and saw the sign, he reminded his mother about her previous promise regarding a local box.  

A short visit proved not overly scary, and Mo signed up for orientation. One class was enough to not only convince Mo to join but to also pressure Steve into trying CrossFit as well. It was a bit touch and go, but Steve ultimately decided to make his wife happy by joining her as a newly minted CrossFit member. He is a very smart man!

Now over 7 months later, we are thrilled with CrossFit Bexley. The coaches are fantastic and are genuinely interested in helping every athlete improve and work to the best of their abilities, whether doing rx or scaled movements. We love the varied programming that incorporates cardio, endurance, strength, and flexibility. Most of all, we appreciate the members of CrossFit Bexley. We feel so lucky to be part of this community of welcoming, friendly, and inspiring people.