Member Spotlight: Diana Goggins

Adopted at 4.5 years of age, I traveled almost 10,000 miles to my new home in a very small town in Pennsylvania. I was introduced to sports a few months after my arrival, what felt like as soon as I was welcomed to the States. My family was very active and always stayed busy with sports.

Diana Goggins - CrossFit Story.jpg

Soccer, tap and jazz, and gymnastics were my first sports introduced at the age of 5. The latter two lasted just a few years, but soccer still plays a big role in my family’s lifestyle. Throughout my childhood years I excelled in every sport I played, whether it be soccer, basketball, softball and then in my middle and high school years field hockey and lacrosse.

Growing up in a very small town, where I was a minority of the minorities, sports provided a sense of belonging, as well as an outlet for me. I thoroughly enjoyed learning, improving, being challenged, and appreciated the benefits of a team environment and teamwork.

I continued to play field hockey at The Ohio State University. There, was when I began Olympic Lifting, but it wasn’t until my sophomore year I was introduced to CrossFit: flipping tires, carrying boulders, picking up sandbags, and pulling a truck filled with sand using a rope, (and yes, still weightlifting). My junior year we got a new Strength and Conditioning Coach, Coach Glass, whom is still is at OSU —the best of the best!! I loved the feeling of being strong and fast. I remembered how I felt after each intense workout and how much fun I had.

As a former collegiate athlete, I continued to be motivated in staying fit or at least trying. However, getting older with my metabolism getting slower, my weight and fitness became a rollercoaster. About 8 years ago, after having my youngest child, it was then I started training for marathons. Running became my “ME TIME” and my outlet. I was still cross-training at another gym and playing club field hockey. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago, after PRing in my 2nd full marathon that I got in a rut. I was fluctuating, once again, and found running was getting boring for me. I tried new fitness classes, continued club hockey and joined an adult rec. league for soccer, softball, and volleyball. Still...couldn’t find my motivation and if I did, couldn’t keep it. During my marathon training, I tried a CrossFit box in Canal Winchester for just two months. At that time, with the kids being younger along with my running program, the commute just wasn’t “worth” it. Over the years I kept wishing for a CrossFit box closer to Bexley.

Then, in December 2017, there was a CrossFit Bexley Opening Event floating around on Facebook.  I was curious, ecstatic, nervous, self-conscious, reluctant, — ALL THE FEELS! I decided to try the orientation week and I had fun. I knew I needed to try something new, to get back into shape, and to feel better about myself. On New Year’s Eve, ringing in the new year at a friend’s house, I joined as a Founding Member of CFB! One of the best decisions ever. 

My body composition continues to change, and my metabolism is picking up again. What I’ve lost since starting CrossFit: body fat percentage, weight, and the perception that CrossFit is too difficult. Here’s what I gained: muscle mass, strength, mobility, confidence, and friendships.  The coaches are awesome (I love them all!) and the programming allows for you to develop at your own pace, whether it be Rx or Scaled.

CrossFit Bexley has a true community feel where no one judges you and truly accepts you as you are; quirks and all! We celebrate together when someone hits a PR, accomplishes a new skill, a goal is completed, or when someone has a personal success in life. CFB has the team environment and teamwork that I gravitate towards. It’s a place where you can be you. Let CrossFit Bexley be your place of an outlet, a place where you’ll find your support system, a village, a Squad, a place to mentally and physically challenge you to be the best version of YOU! Be fit. Be you.

Hugs ~