Member Spotlight: Colin Rice

I was first introduced to CrossFit in 2014 when a small box opened nearby. Like many, I was heavily involved in athletics my entire life and had transitioned into traditional gym use after college. A few years later, I was seeking a more challenging fitness routine, and specifically one that combined strength and cardio that I had enjoyed with soccer training. At the time, the appeal of CrossFit was the programming and the growing popularity of the brand.


After my original CrossFit box closed two years later, I turned back to a traditional gym near my work downtown. The gym had all of the equipment and services you could imagine, but I felt like a was just going through the motions during my workouts. One day, I looked around the gym and noticed that most people, including myself, were spending more time scrolling through their phones than working out. I knew it was time to leave, and the timing synched up with the opening of CrossFit Bexley.

From my first WOD at CFB, the 6am crew and the entire community has been incredibly supportive. There’s no ego in the box; just a group of genuine people looking to challenge themselves and encourage one another. The coaches are top notch people, committed to their craft, and know how to motivate and challenge us even when we have our doubts.

I joined CFB to better my health, and ensure that I can be as active and present in my kids’ lives in 20 years as I can right now. The programming was the initial hook and I continue to love the daily challenge; but, I’ve realized the greatest value of CFB is the community. There’s a shared sense of accountability, a continuous push for improvement, and a supportive environment that just can’t be faked. CrossFit isn’t about the score or weight for me; it’s all about the challenge, the progress and the community. That’s what keeps me coming back for more.