Member Spotlight: Andrea Ross

Andrea Ross joined CrossFit Bexley as a founding member in December of 2017 with an overall goal of gaining strength and increasing energy. She learned about CrossFit Bexley after seeing an A-Frame sign advertising the gym while driving to her Bexley home one day after work. After a quick social media search, she got the details she needed to try out a Saturday morning Community WOD. It could not have come at a better time.

Just three months prior, Ross had received a seemingly out-of-the blue Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Doctors visits, anxiety, new medicines, multiple tests, and an overall sense of stress had taken over Ross’s life. After a few months of a personal pity party, she saw an opportunity to get some normalcy back in her life.

“I had about two years of experience with CrossFit back in Lima, Ohio, prior to our move to Bexley in July, Ross said. “I completely underestimated, though, how weak I had become. I could barely do a hand-release pushup in the warm up that first workout back. I knew I had some work to do.”

Ross has a history of athletics to fall back on, having run track and cross country for Western Michigan University in the mid-‘90s, where she helped lead her team to a cross country Mid-American Conference title in 1993, and earned all Mid-American Conference honors both in indoor and outdoor track in the 5,000 and 10,000 meter runs. She says she is drawn to CrossFit because it scratches that competitive itch.


“What I love about CrossFit Bexley is that not only is there unbelievable competition, but also because the trainers seem to truly care about each and every one of us, and they push us to our own individual potential,” Ross said. “I know I’m never again going to run a five-minute mile or keep up with most of the people in a class. But I do know that I have the opportunity to push myself as far as I can go on any given day.”

Ross felt the atmosphere was so positive at CrossFit Bexley that two of her four children also attend classes with her on a regular basis. And everyone is seeing results! In fact, she and her son Will both set new PRs in all three lifts this past strength cycle, including a 285-pound deadlift for Andrea. She has her sights set on some new PRs in 2019, to include a 150# clean and jerk and to break 25:00 in a 5K.

“If you are looking to feel better in 2019, I encourage you to come and join us at CrossFit Bexley,” Ross said. “I truly believe it is what keeps me healthy and feeling great each day. Except for days we have to do burpees, or box step ups while holding something. I don’t feel great those days. But probably still better than if I was home sitting on the couch.”