Member Spotlight: Amy and Max Rogers

After living in Michigan for over 20 years, we decided to embark on a new adventure in Columbus, Ohio. Soon after arriving in Bexley, we tried a local gym for about a year, but something was missing. Amy found the CFB box last August, and after the first orientation session knew it was a fit. The coaches were welcoming, knowledgeable, and fun while the environment was engaging, the music was awesome and the workouts "scalable". My (Max’s) arrival to CFB followed Amy's by about two months.

Life's little journey has its series of long straight-aways along with occasional curves, bends and some twists. Without getting into too much muddy detail, my journey (professionally at least) had all but taken over - it was consuming me. I'd been away from regular workouts for too long. That world needed to change, and thankfully it did.

What we found at CFB was very cool. Humbling and somewhat embarrassing, but oddly enough, rather level-setting and reassuring at the same time. Walking into CFB and being welcomed unconditionally by the staff and other members can catch you a bit off guard. After all, it’s a "CrossFit" gym right (?) - and aren't you supposed to grunt and say "bro" or "dude" every other word? Amy told me it was different, and as it turns out, she was soooo right. CFB isn't that "yo bro" kind of place, but everyone there certainly is your "bro". They got you're back, and to the very last person you're immediately made part of the "fam". It’s great to be part of a place where "you do you", and that ranges from Rx to Mx or even M(minus) in my case... It all counts, just be there and enjoy the time together and the company. The box’s motto is proudly displayed (in chalk of course) up on the wall - read it, it's real.

max and amy.jpeg

Both Amy and I had our intro sessions with Coleman, and now enjoy catching a "nooner" (class of course) whenever we can. We playfully cringe at the Instagram notice the night before, but then enjoy walking in for the WOD, its series of AMRAPs, EMOMs or whatever else Brian / Pat and coaches have cooked up for the day. We look forward to Ahmed's Sunday Endurance Class, and have enjoyed playing along with all of you during The Open, The Murph, and all the varied social events.

We have a rather big family in our own right (five kids, five siblings on one side, four on the other, tons of cousins, nephews, nieces, parents, friends, etc.), so you know we love us a big family! We've always felt better in an environment of "the more the merrier" !!! And, what could be better than joining a gym that treats you like family?

Thank you Amy for finding CFB, and thank you CFB for making us part of the Fam!

Fist bump to all,

Max and Amy